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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is Jesus Hiding?

Pastor JD challenged our thinking on Sunday with the thought that Jesus plays Hide and Seek with us.  He questioned why the God of the universe would make Himself so unknown so unseen that not all folks would see Him.  He resounded questions of the cynical about our God.  He asked why do the wise and understanding miss God?  Then he offered answers for why they do.
1.  Our hearts are naturally blind.  We are filled with rebellion and blinded to God's goodness.  It is only by grace that we are given sight.
2.  God will not be found through human achievement because if He could be that would contribute to human pride.  JD used the story of Naman here where Naman had to degrade himself and bathe in the Jordan river 7 times before he was healed of leprosy.  It wasn't his wealth or his popularity that healed him but only God's grace that healed him.  In Ephesians it states that God gives us this grace freely so that no man can boast. 
3.  God will be found by those with a childlike heart.  Someone who is humble, submissive, not cynical is the one who will be open to hearing God's word and his heart will be open to responding to God's will.  Surrender to God precedes knowledge about God.
4.  God will be found by those who want to know HIm not use Him for something else.  God is not a genie and can tell if our intentions are pure. 
So what was the benefit of this message to us?  We are thankful that we have had our eyes opened and have already seen Jesus as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  We also are encouraged that those we are preaching to or ministering to may not always be able to hear because the eyes of their understanding have not been opened by the Lord.  We should pray for them in addition to our talking to them so that they will hear through the Holy Spirit for it's only by His grace do we hear.  So keep on praying and keep on seeking for the lost to see Him. 

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