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Sunday, December 19, 2010

How do you know what God wants from you?

Today's blog is different than others.  I have always thought that God needed us to do work for Him.  It was our duty to do for Him but in fact He doesn't need us.  His work WILL be accomplished whether we do His will or not.  However, we could miss out on a blessing by not participating ourselves in His will.  Our lives are supposed to burn with evidences of God's grace, His mercy and power.  We are like trophies, works of art and people are supposed to see what God has done for us through our lives.   

So there are several points for today:
1.  The grace principle -- God's power establishes us.  His salvation was/is given to us freely.  (Jesus did 
2.  The giving principle -- This is a tough one. 
              a.  Again, God doesn't need us.  Jesus faced the cross like David faced the giant -- ALONE!!
              b.  We should WANT to give back to God.
              c.  We should offer ourselves 100% to God and do what He says to do.
              -- We don't offer ourselves completely.
              -- We believe we are the savior and we have to do it all.
3.  The disappointment principle -- God says no!!
              Sometimes it is to remind us that He is God and not that we are a success.  Our eyes and hearts
                   are not focused on Him.  God is the hero!!
4.  The kingdom question -- Are you part of it?

So have I answered the question.  Do you know what God wants from you?  He wants you to be wholely committed to Him and His commission.  He will direct you and lead your paths in ways that are suitable to His plan.  Walk with Him and let Him be your hero!!  Let that light shine for others and He will do the rest.           

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